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Meet the objectives and needs of attorneys and law firms based in the United States. Our legal professionals understand and completely follow the notion that both intricate and monotonous legal services can be delivered more effectively with scalable, repeatable, well-managed process methodologies.

Solo attorneys and small law firms often spend up to half of their time on nonbillable, but necessary, legal tasks that could easily be performed by an experienced paralegal at a fraction of the cost. Imagine delegating those tasks to a competent and reliable paralegal, and spending those hours on the higher profit and billable legal tasks that only a licensed attorney can perform.

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Full Time Equivalent

  • Depending on the needs of the client
  • Qualified, skilled and full-time dedicated resources deployed
  • Complexity of tasks performed
  • Billed end of each calendar month for an agreed-upon amount
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Cost Per Project

  • Defined scope of work
  • Fixed agreed amount or an estimated amount that might change at completion
  • Billed on completion
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